CNFT Marketplaces

We are now serving sales data from CNFT.IO, Tokhun,, and PXLZ.ORG . We hope to sales data from more marketplaces as they go live. If you know of another marketplaces whose sales data we can integrate please reach out to us on Discord.

Online CNFT Marketplaces is a smart contract only marketplace offering royalties to creators

CNFT.IO is the first secondary market for CNFTs outside of discord

Tokhun is a custodial CNFT marketplace who also provides minting services. They use custodial wallets and smart contracts to allow for quick purchases

PXLZ.ORG is a smart contract marketplace offering service exclusively for the DEADPXLZ project

Discord CNFT Marketplaces and Auction is the official discord server for the smart-contract only marketplace providing royalties.

Cardano NFTs is the discord for CNFT.IO. On their discord they provide escrow services as well as providing status updates on CNFT.IO, information on CNFT drops, and a great community chat

CardanoNFT is a CNFT discord channel providing auctions, escrow, information on CNFT drops and great community chat

Rose CNFT is a discord channel proving CNFT auctions

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